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Positively Challenge

Government, Non-Government and Corporate Sector engagement with Indigenous Queenslanders


Innovative, creative and fresh options for addressing long-standing challenges


Cultural, social, economic and environmental circumstances of Indigenous Queenslanders.

About Pi-CaTS

Our Story

Pi-CaTS Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian-owned and Supply Nation-certified Aboriginal small business providing consulting and training services to Government, Non-Government, Corporate and Small Business sectors, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander small businesses and organisations.

Pi-CaTS Pty Ltd is a proven supplier of region-based Indigenous services to various sectors and widely respected as a skilled facilitator of positive, influential and mutually beneficial economic and community development partnerships between Government, Non-Government, Private Sector and communities across regional and remote Queensland since October 2005.

Pi-CaTS Pty Ltd specialises in community-led solutions for improving business performance and culture by way of intentionally designing for changes in attitudes and behaviours of clients, staff, volunteers, partners and key influencers to achieve an organisation’s vision, mission and goals.

Our Purpose

Our key purpose is to positively challenge and test Government, Non-Government and Corporate Sector engagement with Indigenous Queenslanders so to practically and collaboratively address long-standing challenges and barriers.

Pi-CaTS Pty Ltd does this with respect, courage, transparency, honesty and care through the co-design of place-based activities and initiatives that are innovative, creative and long-lasting.  Obvious and measurable improvements in the cultural, social wellbeing, economic and environmental circumstances of Indigenous Queenslanders are our part measures of success.

Our Services

Pi-CaTS Pty Ltd has a long history of providing leadership with integrity when shaping innovative business and creative Indigenous community partnerships designed to improve the cultural, economic, physical and social circumstances of regional Queenslanders.

As well as collaborating with Non-Government organisations, Pi-CaTS Pty Ltd works with Governments to build cultural proficiency and capability in diverse business focus areas including:

  • central policy and line agency coordination and collaboration;
  • implementation and evaluation of services, policies and programs; and
  • community and organisation co-design of benchmarking and reporting of performance and progress.

Pi-CaTS Pty Ltd has extensive experience in facilitation from which it provides several services to conference and workshop convenors.

Our most requested services include:

  1. Facilitation;
  2. Agreement-making;
  3. Adaptive Leadership;
  4. Compliance Auditing;
  5. Change Management;
  6. Corporate governance;
  7. Community engagement;
  8. Coaching, Mentoring and Training;
  9. Strategic, Corporate, Business and Action Planning;
  10. Monitoring, Evaluation and Performance Reporting; and
  11. Corporate and Fee-for-Service Training and Short Courses.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for Pi-CaTS Pty Ltd to be known and sought after as the preferred Indigenous supplier of creative quality consulting and training services throughout regional and remote Queensland.

To achieve this Vision, Pi-CaTS Pty Ltd collaborates with equally creative and culturally proficient partners to ensure our clients do their best in becoming the very best version of themselves.

By choosing Pi-CaTS Pty Ltd, clients will be working with a partner who understands their people and their business – a partner capable of facilitating realistic, measurable, practical and profitable business outcomes for its clients.

Key Personnel

Areas of Expertise

Pi-CaTS personnel and project partners offer regional Queenslanders consulting and training solutions in several key areas including:

  • ethical governance;
  • adaptive leadership;
  • mediation and negotiation;
  • monitoring and evaluation;
  • intercultural communication;
  • community capacity building;
  • human resource management;
  • coaching, mentoring and training,
  • program design and management;
  • evidence-based policy and practice;
  • organisation self-audit and compliance;
  • creative futures and collaboration for social impact;
  • entrepreneurship and small business development; and
  • people-centred program logic and outcomes-based mapping.
John Anderson

John Anderson

Executive Director


Mobile: 0437 534 516

Pi-CaTS Pty Ltd has a pool of like-values oriented, ethical and capable collaborators from which to create small to medium teams for complex or project-based work.

When looking for a proven supplier of regional-based Indigenous services to various sectors, consider Pi-CaTS Pty Ltd.  Our team is widely respected as skilled facilitators of positive, influential and mutually beneficial economic and community development partnerships between Government, Non-Government, Private Sector and communities.

Pi-CaTS Pty Ltd does so using strengths-based practice coupled with passionate intentions to create culturally vibrant, healthy, happy, prosperous and resilient people, organisations, businesses and regional communities.

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Pi-CaTS Pty Ltd
PO Box 5584
Stafford Heights QLD 4035

ABN 70 681 325 467
ACN 116837417

Mobile: 0437 534 516
Email: john@pi-cats.com.au
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